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Who would you like interviewed?

Who are the brains that excite you? Whose perspective would you like us to track down? Who would you like to interview yourself?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get onto it!

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  • DesAndTroy

    Jon Steel.

    Bring him on.

  • Mark Pollard

    I reckon we can arrange that. Anything you'd like asked?

  • DesAndTroy

    I'd love to hear his opinion on how the discipline of account planning has changed (for the better or worse) over his career, and what he sees as the most important themes of positive change on the horizon.

    Cheers Mark.

  • Praveen

    Hi DesAndTroy,

    I consider it a great privilege to work under Jon Steel at George Patterson Y&R.

    He subscribes to the idea of taking time off work and do things outside of advertising. He recommends reading, commenting and even writing, He likes us to get away from the desk and spend considerable amounts of time on the street. He has employed a variety of people in planning, from whale trainers to catwalk models.

    He reckons “Lead India” campaign by Times of India via JWT India is probably the greatest and most powerful work from WPP.

    All the best.

  • Ben de Castella

    Yes, re-reading 'Truth, Lies and Advertising' at the moment and would be interested to hear Jon Steel's opinion on the role of account planning in the digital environment. His comments about 'leaving room for the mouse', ie involving consumers in the process seem particularly relevant online.

  • accountplanninggroup

    Thanks for your suggestion, we liked it so we've asked Jon to join us for a Q&A evening on 17 June in Sydney.
    Would love to hear more of your best, brightest, thought provoking questions…

  • accountplanninggroup

    and get a ticket to the next Ideas Exchange on Thursday 17 June with Jon, in Sydney. Drop a note to register.

  • Pippa Kulmar

    I'd like to hear what Jon thinks about the current mindset that media should comeback in-house; and how he thinks this might effect planning (ie. create endless specialists – digital, channel etc. – or encourage generalists)?

  • Guest

    Is Jon Steel the only AP in Aus??

  • Jsteel

    No, but now I'm in Australia I'm a very happy Account Planner.

  • Guest

    Anyone…just get on with it!

  • Darren@TrinityP3

    I think the work Anne Miles is doing to help agencies developing selling strategies would be interesting.

  • Nigel


    I agree with Darren at Trinity, I would love to see Ann Miles interviewed. Her work comes from a very unique space.

    The question I would like to ask her is 'What mistakes do creatives make when selling their work?' Her site is

  • Anne Miles

    There's a creativity expert in Sydney called Nigel Collin. I'd like to hear his view on how to capitalize on creativity in order to drive commercial outcomes.

  • Angelique Milojevic

    I agree with Anne Miles. I'd like to hear Nigel Collin. His latest book is Herding Monkey's: How to lead the creative talents of your people and get commercial results. It would be good to have an interview with him on How to you get the most from the creative talents of people in a business.

  • Lucie

    It is coming up to a year now and you still haven't managed to actually interview anyone…So as much as I'd like to believe that this answer will lead to some action I doubt it very much….

    Adam Ferrier from Naked Communications or Mark Ritson would be great…..failing that just drag someone in off the street ANYONE!!!

  • Josh Greive

    I would love to see Jeremy Bullmore speak. I am currently reading More Bull More Behind the scenes in advertising, I find that when I read his book my mind tends to wonder off about the topic Bullmore addresses. I find it this a really insightful read from someone who has really made an impact in the communications industry.