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Welcome – first time here? Please read

We made it! After several months of toil, we’re very happy to be able to welcome you to the new Account Planning Group website. If you haven’t heard of us before, we’re an organisation that brings together strategists within the communications industry – to learn, network and inspire.

We realise there will be some teething issues. If you come across any problems – something not working, for example – please post it in the comments of this post.

Thank you!

Many thanks to Andrew Whitehead for the beautiful design and Mark Boxall who hand-made the web site on his computer. The website is being run on the superb WordPress – thank you for existing… free.

What’s coming

We’re still tweaking a few things but here are a handful of examples of what you’ll be able to do:

  • Read a growing catalogue of case studies from the APG Creative Planning Awards
  • Submit a background image via Flickr (mind maps, interesting photos)
  • Contribute – we will organise some training for those new to blogging
  • Receive a useful, periodic email – 5 Things to Know About Now
  • Check out our growing list of events
  • Oh, and actually click on some of the banner ads (like you know you want to!)

In case you’re curious about how the site visually evolved…

Sketches on a plane

Wireframe sketch

First pass at design

APG homepage design

Launch day design

Now go read something!

Try the 2008 APG Creative Planning Awards Grand Prix winning case study about the RSPCA
Or perhaps you’d enjoy Jeremy Nicholas’ point of view on Puma’s word-less Football World Cup execution

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  • TWB

    Site looks great Mark, some really nice content emerging here too. Starting to feel like a resource fit for the APG!

  • adtyler

    nice work, looks awesome. Love the idea of people uploading backgrounds.

  • Aden Hepburn

    Mark, congrats on getting this live. From what I've seen so far, it's great, now time for me to do some digging! :)

  • Felipe Spina

    Awesome! Nice job and good sketches on a plane as well!
    I will stay tuned!

  • Fspina

    Nice job and great sketches on a plane aswell!
    i'll stay tuned on here

  • Mark Pollard

    Thanks. Early days. Would love thoughts or suggestions.

  • Mark Pollard

    Thanks FS. Welcome!

  • Mark Pollard

    Thanks Aden!

  • Mark Pollard

    Yes we're still playing around with it but it will be ready soon! Thanks for the comment.